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China-Laos cross-border shipping

The China-Laos Railway, a cross-border railway linking China and Laos, is nearly 1,000 kilometres long, starting from Kunming in China's Yunnan Province and crossing the border between the two countries to Vientiane, the capital of Laos. The completion of this railway has created a convenient link between China and Laos, greatly bringing the two countries closer together and promoting economic exchange, cooperation and development between the two countries.

The China-Laos Railway, a land transportation hub linking countries, Cambodia to the south, Vietnam to the east, Myanmar to the northwest and Thailand to the southwest, will give new energy to the economic development of East Asia region.

Our Advantages
Sinoline’s abroad service point, professional and reliable
Secured and fast intermodal transportation, Chinese speaker on service
No deposit for railway containers (exclusive to end-to-end service)
Our Route
Chongqing - Railway - Vientiane South - One day on Cross-border Highway - Destination
Note: The highway timeliness is subject to the actual arrival time.
Our price
Railroad Fee
Route ETD Railroad fee(RMB) Customs Clearance Fee
Transit Time Container Belonging
20GP 40GP
Cross-border Highway
Origin Destination Transportation plan Highway Fee(USD) Container return point
20GP 40GP
1. Within 30KM of Vientiane South: Delivery within 30KM of Vientiane South Station. Please contact customer service if you have any needs.
2. The rest of the destinations are covered in their entirety. For example, Bangkok, Thailand: all of Bangkok.
Restrictions on the name of the goods:
daily necessities, electrical appliances, tyres, car parts, electronic parts. The name of single product is required.
Above quotes does not include:
1. Tariffs, inspection fees, repair (tainted)container fees. All are reimbursed on an actual basis.
2. Thanaleng inland port has free storage period of 3 days, over 1-14 days at 30USD/20ft, 50USD/40ft; over 14 days at 50USD/20ft, 100USD/40ft.
3. Truck detention fee 100usd/day.
4. Containers departing from Vientiane South Station, “heavy to empty return” and “empty to heavy return” should be returned on the day following collection.
  “heavy to heavy return” should be returned within 3 days of collection. If exceeded 3 days, the station will charge a container extension fee of 9.5USD/20ft/day or
5. Free loading (unloading) for 4 hours. Overtime standby fee of 20USD/truck/hour.
6. 160USD/container for local customs clearance in Laos, 180USD/container for transit customs clearance in Laos.
7. Transportation method round trip.